Why Excess Use of Ajwain Honey can be Harmful?

Ajwain, better concluded as one of the ancient medicinal plant fruit. Its taste and flavor is highly appreciated as one of the best cooking partner of any chef in the kitchen. When we further talk about ajwain honey, it is a health beneficial for the healthy body.

Organic Ajwain Honey

As a matter of fact ajwain honey is made up of ajwain fruits nectar and it has all its beneficial properties. Consuming it regular will add up to your healthy lifestyle but do you know it has side effects also, if not taken in the right proportions.

Though Ajwain honey contains numerous benefits to health but deep studies and series of researches also have shown adverse effects too. Taking ajwain honey in excess amount can result into diverse health conditions.

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  • If you are suffering from any liver problems then ajwain honey should be used cautiously in patients with liver disease as it can worsen the condition. Apart for normal person too chronic use of it may increase the risk of hepatic damage especially at higher doses.
  • Ajwain is highly warm and broiling in its nature. If you do not follow the correct dosage of ajwain honey then it may cause stomach ulcer and heavy heartburns to a serious extent.
  • Large and frequent dosage of ajwain honey will lead to dizziness in the body. It also causes nausea and will make your body inactive and indolent. 
  • Ajwain might increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. So it is advisable to avoid ajwain honey at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery and be in safer side from getting into any unwanted health troubles.
  • In case if you are suffering from any of the heart problem then it is essential to limit the use of ajwain honey. Over dosage can add to the several causes of heart diseases.
  • Continuous heavy intake of ajwain honey may increases the body temperature and can cause heavy headache.
  • Use of excess ajwain honey can be reason of several problems during pregnancy. Beyond the recommended dosage it is considered unsafe as it can cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. Therefore, it is advisable to use within the recommended dosage or after consulting your doctor.
  • Ajwain honey’s excess consumptions may also cause high photosensitivity.
  • The use of ajwain honey in large quantity or even beyond the recommended dosage should be avoided during breastfeeding.

Ajwain Honey Property

Ajwain has blood thinning property and might slow blood clotting. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid ajwain honey in excess with drugs that slow blood clotting. This is because it might increase the chance of bleeding.

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Ajwain honey generally do not cause any side effects when consumed in moderate amounts. Also, always take care to buy only organic honey from wholesale ajwain honey suppliers as adulterated honey may worsen the situations.

There are numerous proprietors and dealers that caters themselves as only reliable ajwain honey distributers andsellers. But being a smart customers you must be always alert before selecting the honey from your favorite stores.

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If you are choosing to buy raw honey online then it is advisable that you must check the reviews and compare brands. It will help you to select the best and safe brand before buying it for your use. So, check our brand and consume it safely to have long and healthy lifestyle overall in every seasons.

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